Need Help installing OS X 10.4.6

hey guys, sorry for such a basic question. but im new to macs and i still dont really know much about problem solving when stuff doesnt seem to work the first time.

so here is my issue. i downloaded the file off blender’s site, and i now have the unzipped file on my desktop. how but when i click on the blender icon in the folder nothing happens.

do i need to drop or copy something to my applications folder? do i need to install a different program to run this app?

please help a newbie.



Did you download the correct blender that goes with the version of Python that you have? That might be the problem…

i need to download python first?

no, your Mac comes pre-installed with Python 2.35…get the version of blender intended for python 2.3x (not python 2.4)

ok, so then once the folder appears on my desktop it looks like this. then what do i do?

any help would be great

bump for a newbie in need :frowning:

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Well, at that point you should just have to double click the Blender application icon (not Blender Player). If you’ve done this, do you get any kind of error or anything? Does it work now?

Nope, nothing happens. thats why im at such a loss, its not even giving me a clue why its not working.

Try from the Terminal ) Finder>Applications>Utilities:

iMac:/Applications/blender/ username$ ./blender

Use cd to change directory into the nested folder as shown above. (And ls (LS) to ‘list’ the contents of the directory (ls-la to list all hidden files/folders.))

Your path may differ a little before the / folder.

Then tell us what’s wrong.

Also, Open the system.log file (default) in the console (also in Utilities) and look for errors.

To satisfy the curiosity, in the Terminal type “python” to open the interpreter. It will tell you the version etc. hit CTRL-D to quit.