Need help layering texture with nodes.

I am trying make a Victorian type dress for my model. With a transparent glossy layer pattern over a simple defuse color.There are no videos anywhere for this. Here are a few reference pics.

Something like this, perhaps?

Yes that’s pretty close to what I was talking about. Only the bump map is missing.

Then you can just feed the image into a Bump node plugged into the normal of each shader needing to be affected, but that set up is spot on.

Yeah, do that!

Ikarishinji, very fast turnaround!

Yes that’s it. Ok how do I load a transparent pattern from photoshop into Blender?

Save it as a .png and then add an image node in your material, and open that image there. You will need to unwrap your mesh onto the png pattern in an UV Image Editor window to get it lined up.