Need help learning HTML/CSS/etc...


I am beginning to learn how to make webpages/websites. I was wondering if anyone had any good sources/tutorials where I could learn the basics of HTML/CSS/etc and how to use them correctly. It would be very helpful.

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Try HTML Source. It has more than good tuts on HTML and CSS but also teaches you basic scripting in Java and gives you hints on how to make your site successful and useful. Good luck!
The creator is a redheaded Irish student by the way :D.

Also try W3Schools.

Or echoecho.

Nice tutorials for beginners, intermediates and advanced learners:

Very good resources and tutorials for standard compliant css and html:
Check out also the other links there, Floatutorial, Listutorial, and the Listamatics

The quirks and bugs of Internet Explorer and how to get it to behave according to standards:

Validators to check your markup and css:

And, most importantly, learn to write proper standards compliant HTML and CSS, use the validators to validate your markup, develop in standard compliant browsers first (Firefox is very good for that), after that test in IE and make it work in it (if you must/want).

Use HTML to markup your content semantically correct (for example <p> for paragraphs of text, <h1>/<h2> etc for headers, <div> for logical divisions and overall page layout, <table> for tabular data). Don’t use a HTML element because of how it looks, but because of what it means. To control how it looks use CSS.

To get live help, I can recommend #html and #css on