Need help making a convincing Shark character!

I’m making a commercial, blending live action with some CG elements. A client of mine is wanting to have a believable shark character as a car salesman, and I need help with the modeling, and texturing to make it believable enough.

Can anyone assist me?

Some details:

The shark will be wearing a tweed jacket, shirt, and tie.
Only the shark’s upper body will be visible, and maybe his tail waving in the BG.
The shark will be sitting behind a desk, and I will only show 5 angles; over the shoulder between the couple, over the shoulder from man’s perspective, over the shoulder from the woman’s perspective, Over the ‘shoulder’ looking at couple from the shark’s perspective, and a close-up of the shark’s face, when he’s speaking and reacting.
The sharks mouth has to be able to lip sync.
The sharks eye’s have to be able to shift about to follow his subject.
The spot will only be :30 seconds, and there will be 3 of them, but I only need help with the initial modeling, texturing, and rigging.
I will be shooting the couple on a green screen from front and back to make the compositing job easier in post, and the actual sales office for background.

Please, and thank you!

I think someone will assist you if you send details about the contract and how much money you give for this …

Absolutely agree with my friend :yes:

How much money do you paid for the model ?

There is no contract. I’m not getting paid for this work. I just thought it would be interesting to see if it could be done.

Is it that no one will help me unless I give them money?

This is not contract work. It’s a suggestion that I made to enhance a spot. I’m not getting paid to make the shark model. It’s more of an experiment to see what can be done.

he he !:D:D:D:D Sure Sure ! Nice try…

I’m really not getting paid to create the model, or do the added CG work. It’s something extra I’m doing, because I want the chance to put it all together. I make commercials all of the time as the production manager for a TV station. I do get paid a salary to do my job, but I sometimes go above and beyond, because I want to push the envelope. I assure you, there is no contract. Heck, I’ll be lucky if they’ll allow me to pay the actors. The last time I did this, I ended up buying them lunch on my dime, because my company was too cheap to pay them.

Well help is always available at the feedback level. Go ahead and start modeling your Shark, post it in WIP so members will submit comments to help you improve your model.

I don’t think anyone will take the time to design a great Shark for FREE to give it to some called " COMPANY ? " so they will get all of the benefits from ?. Man don’t fool yourself with this thread, someone is getting paid for a such TV work, may be isn’t you but someone is getting paid. So don’t try to keep that rip off chain rolling here at Blender Artists. Go ahead and do it yourself:rolleyes: or reject the project if you have no clue what the heck needs to be done. :eek:

Also man, MANAGER OF A TV STATION? My ass ! STOP CHEWING MUSHROOMS, no TV managers would ask for free work !

I don’t think anyone would create a 3D modeling application for free and then just give it to you for your benefit, but we might both be wrong.

I assure you that I am the production manager for a TV station in St. Louis, MO that has never done any illegal drugs, hell, I don’t even smoke. I can also assure you that things are very tight in this economy, which is why I use Blender, instead of some other expensive software to do my 3D work. Finally, you can rest assured that I’m not getting paid any extra to do this. Blender has been a hobby of mine for several years now, and sometimes I just want to try things out, and use the skills later in my own projects.

If you don’t want to help, then don’t, but I will say that this is the absolute worst response I’ve seen on this forum in all of the years I’ve been using them, even going back to the Elysium site. What made Blender good was always the community, but it seems to have soured a bit over the past couple of years. What the hell happened? Where’s MFoxdog when you need him?

ha ha you are being funny Mister " TV station Manager" ha ha ha…I assure you that your TV Station is nothing more than a cheap camcorder connected to a black and white TV using an old set of RCA connectors…where is the camera set up? in the toilet?

Man we are smart people here, you don’t fool anyone. Stand on your feet, leave those clouds behind, be modest and honest. The community is not that stupid to work for free because you said you are a TV station manager. Quick chewing mushrooms man, grow up ! Also I watched all your videos and posts…you are a CG newbie, like everyone of us when started learning Blender ! Manager ! ha ha you made my day Kitty

Buying lunch to your employees ! ha ha you really have a huge imagination !

You do realize you’ve wasted more time being rude and belligerent than you have being at all helpful. What’s the point? I don’t have to prove who I am to you, or anyone else. I know what I do everyday from 9a-6p, and so does everyone that I work with.

Furthermore, I sincerely doubt that you watched all 145 of my videos on Youtube since your last post as you claim, and no matter what you think of the ones you did see, only a handful of which employ 3D CG, the clients were happy with them.

I also know with certainty that you wouldn’t be nearly so bold if you didn’t have the internet to protect you. In fact, your attitude and attacks show just how sad your life must be. I honestly don’t give a rat’s dripping crap what you think of any of my work, and I’ve adjusted my Youtube settings to reflect this.

I haven’t insulted you once. I only came here for help, and you have attacked me and my work ever since, calling me a liar, and post bad remarks about my work on Youtube. I have no idea what you think you will accomplish, because at the end of the day, I will get this project finished with or without your ‘ass-istance.’ However, if you have nothing constructive to say, maybe you should just keep the chatter down?

BTW: Technically, you’re right. I’m not the Production Manager anymore, I’m actually the Director of Creative Services, but where I am, I’m facilitating both positions. When I edit, I’m actually filling the position of Senior Commercial editor or Senior Promotions editor. I wear a great many hats where I am. I’ll have to assume that you’ve never worked for a TV station, because if you had any idea what any of those positions meant, you wouldn’t assume that I should be an expert at CG. After all, a manager is supposed to manage, not do. Like I said, CG has been a hobby; something I do because it interests me, and this is a fact you won’t change, no matter how wretched you are with your ridiculous trolling. Now go…

ha ha you really entertain with all that scenario and imagination !

Come on, lets be honest to each other, Are you the Janitor at the TV station? ha ha…Are you trying to impress someone there, right? Hey… look at him, beside deodorizing toilets he also knows CG !

The point is: Don’t try to fool people, learn, dedicate yourself, be honest modest and sincere if you really want help. There is a bunch of smart people here, it is very easy to spot lunatics like you on the internet. Don’t make people waste their time, would you Mister Super Manager ?

As I said, start modeling your shark and you will get feedback, but no one is going to do it for you, stop fooling yourself off ! Period.

I agree, Animaticoide is being rude. (Like so many newbies are these days)

However, I am also skeptical…
I have worked for a TV station, and there’s no way you should be doing work like this for free. Clients pay for advertising. That’s how the industry works.

But apart from that, this is the Artwork/Animations section of the forum. It’s for posting animations. If you are still developing your character, you really should post your work in progress to the “Work in Progress” section, like the noob said.

Yeah, you’d b surprised how much happens at my station that shouldn’t; forced furloughs, 5% pay reductions for managers, forgetting to sign paychecks, no budget for productions, etc. Yes, the station gets paid to do ads, and yes, I get paid a salary, but I guarantee you that I’m not getting paid any extra to experiment.

he he he :slight_smile: This thread is getting funny. This guy wants people to work for him so he can keep getting his salary…ha ha ha ! That’s a good one. Lot’s of imagination? No signing paychecks? No budget for production? Right ! This kid has no idea of any sort of Business infrastructure…

May be “HIS STATION” closed its doors many years ago but he still goes from 9 to 6 ! ha ha ha Kind of "Beautiful Mind " The movie with Russell Crowe, Ed Harris, and Jennifer Connelly…:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Alright, Animaticoide, we’ve heard your opinion. No need to hijack the thread.

Ok Bye then ! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

get a life Animaticoide…

Sure man, sure ! :D:D:D:D:D

Regardless of whether or not you’re getting paid to do this, there is no benefit for anyone to create this model FOR you. We wouldn’t even retain the rights for it or get credit…

However, we’d all be more than happy to give you pointers if you did it yourself! A shark isn’t too difficult! :smiley: