Need help making a polar array-modifier

I watched all the YouTube tutorials and mine just doesn’t act the same and I don’t know why.
I place an empty at 0,0,0, select my object to array, add the modifier, set fixed count = 8 objects, object offset checked to Empty, the second object is always at 0,0,0 and flipped sideways and rolled 90, even though all the rotations and scales of the Empty are set to 0. I cant make the object rotate around 0,0,0 to make 8 objects in a circle. I also tried making the object’s origin at 0,0,0 and at center of gravity and it makes no difference. They also show that when you set the Empty as the object offset and select the Empty and grab-move it, the object seems connected to it, mine is not. I have gotten it to make an array but never with 0,0,0 as the center of the circle of objects, always some random, ever-changing point. I know it must be a simple setting but I have spent at least 6 hours trying to get this right, please help! :eek:
R.L. Hamm

Add object to 0,0,0
Add an empty to 0,0,0
Add an array modifier to the object
Set fixed count to 8, disable ‘Constant Offset’ and ‘Relative Offset’
Enable ‘Object Offset’ and select the empty object
Rotate the empty 45 degrees.
In EDIT MODE, move the object


if i remember well there was also a script to do that
search wiki or script forum
i cannot find it now
but i’ll look for it

happy bl

Thanks, good tutorial, can you look at my file? I swear I am following the same settings, I get a crazy tornado of rotations and z depths, I tried changing the orientation of the object to global, gimbal, normal, all of them of the object, I am just lost on this one!

My file:
R.L. Hamm

Apply the rotation on your object (Ctrl+A / Rotation). Reposition the object in edit mode so you don’t change its object rotation

Thanks, after rotating on 2 axes, it started working, got very frustrated and wonder why the programmers didn’t use the current orientation to array it, just seems logical. :no:

Use this:

The script works great!
Once I hit apply, how can I separate the 8 objects? I tried P , also ‘make duplicates real’ function and no such luck, I don’t want to go into edit mode to move them individually, are they stuck as a set?

No idea, sorry, you might want to create a different thread about that…

The difference between object and edit mode again.
In object mode you manipulate objects, groups, hierarchies etc. but in edit mode you manipulate the structure of one object. With mesh type objects you manipulate the mesh, with bézier curves it’s spline and handles, NURBS surface - control points with weights, so on.

What you have is one object that consists of many mesh parts. Edit mode, P -> separate by loose parts to get them separated to their own objects. To get multiple objects (of the same type) joined to one object, Ctrl+J in object mode.