Need help making Apollo Splashdown scene

Need to make a scene that looks similar to this youtube video:

I don’t think the fluid simulator will do the trick - the scale is too small.
I’ve been trying to use dynamic paint and the ocean modifier.
Anybody else have any ideas? I can’t quite find a tutorial that will fit my needs.

I think the best way is to use a smoke simulator - smoke of white color with particles flow object together with explosion modifier and for the sea foam you have to use dynamic paint with ocean modifier. Would be good if Blender was supported emitting particles from weight paint (when collision happens) , but currently Blender doesnt support that.

At the very end it shows a result.

I’ve already taken a look at this tutorial. Fluid simulation might work but the scale is seems too small. It makes it look I’m simulating it in the bathroom tub. Thanks for the reply though.

…and hmmm smoke simulation. I honestly hadn’t thought of that. I might have to give it a shot.

The quality isn’t near what I want it to be but this works.
I used dynamic paint and then particles to give it more of a splash.