need help making bones!

I’ve been doing the begginer tutorial which is in the online documentation but when i get to the rigging part, it tells me to duplicate and flip the bones but I can’t get it to work.

The flipping function in Blender has been changed in a recent version. Instead of S-X or S-Y, you now have to hit S, X, 1, - (I think), where X is not the view axis, but the global axis you want to flip on. You need to look at the little axes in the corner of the 3d view to see what axis you actually want to mirror.

Try Mkey in Edit mode. It was broken for armature at some point, but it’s fixed now, so if you have a recent version, it should work.


I’ve been trying the M key but it won’t work. ahh… I’m in edit mode, i select the bones then hit shift-d then m and nothing happens when i hit M.

EDIT: I don’t know what i was doing wrong before but it seems to be working. Thanks :slight_smile: