Need help making models, textures for a game.

Hello I am making a game called kenomonsters or kenomon for short, this is a rpg game similar to pokemon but I need help making the models and textures for the game. Any help I get on the game is free volenter work but will get credited for helping. I am using java opengl to program the game but I am not an expert with java yet. Any help would be great thanks!

what kind of models do you need ??

Hi! I’m guessing you’re using LWJGL if you’re programming with Java. I’m not entirely sure you can import blend files with it. I could be wrong, my experience with it is limited…

You can do it, i’ve seen tutorials with it and tryed it once and it works (btw sorry for the late reply)

something simple right now like trees, flowers, ect

JUMP (i still need help)