Need help making score displays

I need too know how too make a plane mesh ready too display scores and messages. Threading the blocks is no problem but I can’t seem too figure out how too get the score too display on the mesh. My book informs me how too get one working thats already made though. But I want too make my own.
I wouldnt mind knowing which tutorial teaches you how too give all the characters health and dictating how much damage any given weapon can do too.

Awwww, common. I tried just adding Text and a big word “Text” instead of the @ sighn apeared. It didn.t work. It’s the only hurtle I have so far. How am I soposed too know how many arrows I have when Im running around my little Hobbit lands shooting at pudgy old Hobbit ladies?Well, the template is done, but theres trees, rocks, an ocean, ponds and a few villages he can shoot at. So as soon as I can figure out score boards without apending the one from Tube Cleaner, I can add villagers and monsters. Figure out damage and health bars, powerups, got them in my book. easy. Then I can go too one of the schools here in deadmonton alberta cause they want too see some work, so I give em an old DnD adventure turned into a first person RPG. My favorite kind of games. But its gotta be completed first.

You may want to post this in the game engine area.