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Hello guys! i created a menu title.blend (821 KB), please help me to fix the problem.
In the menu it has 4 buttons>Start>Instructions>Credits>Quit. this is the problem–when i click the start, instruction, and credit buttons it exit the game. it should be go to the next scene for the start button and change camera view in Instruction and credit button.

Please do help me :slight_smile: thanks a lot!

Sounds like a logic error. Yup. The quit button has the logic:
Mouse Click -> Quit

You need to wire some of the bricks together to create an and statement.

You need to say:
Mouse Click -----AND------> Quit
Mouse Over----/

Wtf? You just asked this question earlier today and I answered it on your previous post:

Quick look shows that you have the left mouse button set for EACH of your menu items… so that means every time you click the mouse it triggers all the actuators at once. You need to add a mouse over sensor as well…

I have a YouTube video about it here:

EDIT: nvm, looks like this one was posted BEFORE you reposted it again, and I answered that one.

sorry sir. but its a great help thanks :smiley: