Need help modeling arches

Hi fellow blender users, i ran into a small problem. ive been gone from blender for a long time, well, i really lost my touch as far as modeling goes. My task ive given myself is to replicate the infamous Chaos Sanctuary from Diablo 2. sadly most things in that damn place are arches haha. anyone know how to model them out? here is a pic of the arches, left side.

You could do it with a curve and profile curves, or create a profile and use a spin operation for geometry right off the bat… there are many other approaches as well.

thanks for reply, ive never been good with curves haha. ahhh never been a good modeler at all lol. but again thanks for reply. just need a starting point

Your arch will have the same roudns or corners all the way around the shape. So you can model a profile on the ground from a plane. Extrude it up and then mirror that to make the other side of the window/archway. Apply that mirrored shape. Set the 3D cursor between the nearest edges at the top of the extrusion, adjust the view so that you are looking at it straight on. Select the polys on the top of the left side column and then do a spin of 180 degrees. Make adjustments as necessary. Remove doubles and delete the left over polys that will sit on top of the right column after the spin. Arch is done.

sorry man that seems to make sense but like i said, ive been gone from blender for a while now lol. im sure with some deep thought i can figure it out haha

Here are a few shots

Last ones…

Last has a few more cuts and subsurf modifier.