Need help - Modeling/Sculpting Dali's Soft Watch


Once again I come to ask for tips!

I have been modeling + Sculpting Dali’s softwatch (See reference below)
It is going OK, but now I can’t figure out how to do the white part of the watch: what bothers me a lot is the “teared” part on the left of the watch…
Other part bothering me is the weird twists between number 4 and 6…

I am also struggling to “select” what will be the white… it is too rough with lasso and knife projet is not agreeing with me…

Any tip? Idea? Suggestion?



There should be a sculpt tool that will easily allow to bend objects in the next Blender, but for the moment you could try with a Surface modifier:

  • Create your watch, create a plan underneath, subdivide it a bit, give your watch a Surface Deform modifier with the plane as Target, click on Bind:


  • Create a basic and a second shapekey for your plane so that you can work on it but can always come back to its default shape if needed, go in Edit mode, select the second shapekey, bend the plane:


  • Bring the changes you want:


If you already have the bent watch you can also deform this part in Edit mode with the Proportional Editing option on, or with in Sculpt mode with the Grab brush?

I would use a lattice modifer…make things simple…