need help modelling a human head

This is the current shape of my face. I need to know how to modelling the lip of this head and the hole of the nose. You may see that there are holes of the nose, but I am not satisfried with that, It looks imperfect. And please tell me how to distinct the color of the lip from the color of the skin. Thanks in advance!


I did a search on “human head” using Blender Artist’s search box (see above) and came up with this threadfrom someone who had a model in about the same shape as yours, with a similar question about the nose, who got some good advice from mr_bomb. TorQ’s A better face tutorialthread also came up in the search, which has a little animated gif on making the nose.

The Blender Wiki has information on putting multiple materials onto single objects.

this may interest you it is not done in blender however the skills can be transfered well
hope it helps

Wow, HD Renderman. That has to be one of the best tutorials I have ever seen! The way he lays out topology from the start makes it so easy to follow. I’ve never been able to model a head like I can now. Awesome!

That’s the best video tutorial of modeling a human head I’ve seen.