Need Help modelling Cyber themed City


I’m currently in production of producing my own animated series. I got everything else I need. However, If you are good or an expert at using edit mode to create buildings, can you please help me design a Cyber themed Tokyo city. All helpers are greatly appreciated. ANYONE WHO VIEWS THIS, PLEASE TAP IN TO HELP MODEL THIS CITY!!!

email: [email protected] or reply in the comments below :slight_smile:

hi there

how can I be of service? your topic caught my attention as I am interested to create cyberpunk environments. I have intermediate level experience in blender.
However you can check out my Artstation portfolio that i am currently building:

Im not sure if your are still offering this job. I can see it was posted 13 days ago. I am aware that it is volunteer work. I woud like to engage in this project for the experience and challenge.

please share any references for the kind of work you need.


Hi yes, I am still in need of assistance

ok did you check out my profile?

how can we start. do you have a specific reference of what you want?

chall we take our chat somewhere else?

Yes, I will have details and references for you at 3:00 today (because of school) The insta is blacktitancz & cyberzoneofficial. DM me over there and we’ll start chatting :slight_smile: