Need help modelling pt 2


Back with another question- I’m new to Blender.

Can someone break down the steps that needs to be took to make this light?

Step 1: get a better reference image

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There’s information missing in your request. You should specify the purpose of that model. Is it a model for a game or for photo realistic renders? What level of detail should it have?

Finally, as our friend said before, you need to get a better reference image. Is this lamp a cylinder? Is it a hexagon? Well… I hope you find help or maybe I can help later if you explain better what you need.

noice one :slight_smile:

you only need a cylinder to start off.

then just extrude/subdivide, etc. to get the desired outcome

then apply the materials. lots of youtube tutorials to learn from this


lantern.blend (884.6 KB)

Oh, it’s for an 3D asset for a game (ROBLOX).

Do you have any examples of any youtube videos that would be helpful for this?

Thanks so much!

That’s why I was asking, the model Boder sent is excellent, but it has unnecessary geometry taking in account a model that is supposed to be a game asset, where every face counts.

Most of the details, in this case should be created using the textures and the geometry itself don’t need to be more than this: lantern.blend (879.0 KB)

You can watch Blenderguru’s tutorials, they are detailed. Need help modelling pt 3