Need help modelling pt 3

Hey, all!

I need some guidance again towards how I would make this chair:

(Sorry for the small reference image), but can someone break down the steps needed to make this?

It doesn’t have to be hyper realistic, I’m going more for a low poly type of version of the chair.

P.S. I’m planning on using this as a 3D asset for ROBLOX.


You mean something like this?

or this?

Either ways… Well, take a good close look. You would model it just as it’s constructed in reality. Consider where all the joints are. How all the pieces it’s made up of are joined together and what each of their shape is.

Then you essentially replicate it but in a blocky lower poly fashion and only after that do you start modeling details in, if you feel that is even necessary. Might find that it already gets the job done.

Yeah, those are good examples exactly how I want it to look like.