Need help modelling pt 5

Hey, all!

I would like someone to break down the steps for me of how I could make the insets in these pillars:

If I haven’t been clear enough, in the photo above I’d like to make these indentations into the pillars.

What would be the best way to make it?


Could you make some tall cylinders and select the edges around the circular bit and bevel them?

-I started from cylinder, removed top and bottom, selected every other and scaled them down (scale only in X and Y by hit S to scale and then SHIFT+Z to remove Z axis from scaling so it will remain flat)

-Then I bevel it.

-select the outside (you can select first and second and then pres CTRL+SHIFT+PLUS on num pad so the selection will repeat) and bevel again

-Then just select the top vertexes and move them up to desired height scale a little as the top is smaller then the bottom. Use another object for top and bottom or as I did extrude it and use LoopTools > make circle.

Oh and if you scaling the cylinder, don’t forget to CTRL+A and apply all, or at least scale and rotation before bevel, bevel make different output with scaled objects.