Need help modelling pt 7

Hey, I wanted to know if anyone knows how to resolve this issue I’m having.

The issue is that the mesh seemed to put a dent inside it.

I wanted to know why my mesh is doing that and how I could fix the problem…



Check your normals, and clean up your geometry. You have some pretty horrible ngons, there.

Can you try deleting this face then selecting the verts that compose it and hit F key?
Sorry if it comes off very basic, I just like to give advise that is so simply wise

If you mean the darker face, its because that face is flipped the wrong way. Select it and recalculate normals (the direction its facing), of flip if that doesn’t work.

As another point, you’ll probably be better off running the edges from the window vertically down, instead of going across to the wheel arch, and go horizontally from the wheel arch to the other wheel.