Need help modelling this tilted Fantail of a helicopter

Hello everyone,

I recently started learning blender by “how to” videos and tutorials and im currently trying to model the RAH-66 Comanche helicopter as my first project. I thought it could be a good beginning because of its flat surfaces. If everything goes as intended ill make it a mod for a game (DCS World) - but that has time…

So back to topic:

The Original is mostly symmetric but has this tilted Fantail which I currently dont know how to start modelling.

Here is a picture of the original:

As I already mentioned, Im still a beginner and currently asking for support or ideas of how I could add the tail and make it come together seamless. I guess I either have to use a new object and model it “ontop” of the current or apply/finish the mirror modifier and start working from there?

Also I hope this is the right section to ask this kind of question.

Thanks in advance!

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Here is my current progress made with the mirror modifier:

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You can always look at other 3D models to see how it was done.

Model from turbosquid -References

Thanks for the answer!

yes that´s a usefull possibility sometimes, it wasn´t exactly what I needed to know but I´m looking into it if I get the time to do so.


There is no single way to achieve this. You can always model it as a separate object and merge them back. You just need to make sure that merging areas has similar amount of vertices since you will most likely end up manually combining them.

Before going deep into modeling that part, I would recommend that you try you with a simpler model first to see if you can figure out it out.

There is an add-on that comes with Blender called LoopTools. It has function to turn a bunch of selected vertices into circular shape, that can be helpful for the tail area.

Yes, I think that´s one of the most difficult things in modelling - even if there is no “right or wrong way” you can still make it work or, well… but it´s the reason you have to get a feeling or knowledge first :slight_smile:

Will do so! I make it my main project but will work on other easier stuff parallel. I guess thats the best right way for me

I will look into it! Sounds interesting and worth a try.

Thanks for the answers!