!!NEED HELP!! my vertices have dissappeared!

well it was all fine and dandy till one the guys in my class screwed it up! he did somthing with “add”(at the top left hand) and after he was done all my vertices were gone! i can’t edit it. and iam in edit mode if your thinking iam stupid. but still iam a beginner and i need some help because i dont want to redo this project.
thanks :-?

are you sure he didn’t press ‘H’ for ‘hide’ or ‘X’ for delete? If he pressed h, you can get the vertices back with the ‘reveal’ button in edit buttons, but you best bet is probably ‘U’ for ‘undo’.

thats one of the first things i tryed was pressing “u” for undo but it said “this option could not be done” or somthing like that but i will try the other buttons right now.

i have tryed pressing all those buttons. i can’t even “select all” with “a”. nothing will happen! argh…iam in edit mode with the wire frame but if it helps at the bottom left cornor of your window(were you make your creations) it says “(1)Curve.002” but it used to say “(1)Cube” or somthing like that sort

check to see if there is a backup. there probably is. it would be in your temp save directory, or in the same directory where you saved the original blend.

the last time i saved it was when i was just starting it. but you see, the object is there but the vertices aren’t and iam in edit mode…it might be gone forever! ack!

so… did you try Alt-H to unhide?

If you can see the wire in object mode, the vertices are just hidden.

at the bottom left cornor of your window(were you make your creations) it used to say “(1)Curve.002” but now it says “(1)Cube” it changed when i put in alt-h but it still doesnt show the vertices! and iam in edit mode. iam so confused!

Go into the window menu on the header (please tell me you have a header!) and select the outliner window. Click “View” and select “Show Heirarchy”. Find the curve or cube you are looking for and Leftclick it (it will now be the active object in your 3D window). If you still can’t see it press Z until you do.