Need help! No smoothed animation!

here there, I wanna make an animated gif of a rotating planet. That rotates 360 ° and then again, so I want it to be looped, but if I add a key at frame 1 with 0° and at frame 160 with 360°. If I playback the animation It will end and start slowly. At the end the animation look worse, I want it to start inmediatly so there will be a nice unending loop in the final gif.
Is this possible and how?

For a constant rotation, in the IPO editor, select the ipo curve then

Curve / Extend Mode / Extrapolation

By the way you don’t have to post the very same message in three different forums. Makes it more difficult for other people to keep track of peoples suggestions when they find this thread in the future and you never even put it in the animation sub forum…


In the ipo window, select the curves(s) and press t and click Linear.

Thank you very much!