Need help on 2008 Dodge Challenger?

How do I model the lights in the bumper and the grill?


Dodge Challenger.blend (445 KB)

well for one, your car looks a little squished in the X direction, and your front end has a few tris, which can be bad for topo and have bad results in subsurfing you can join a few tris in there and then you have all quads, and I would just model it to how you think it would look in real life

I got more of it modeled but I want to know how to fix this (the crease in the middle of the grill)?


Dodge Challenger 2.blend (478 KB)

Remove all these internal faces:-

Dodge Challenger 2.blend (491 KB)

Hey thanks, but now I got a new problem, how do I get the back blueprint to work with my setup? Also the blueprints are packed in the .blend file.


Dodge Challenger 3.blend (414 KB)

Post it in the WIP section.