Need help on achieving hdr effect

Hi all. Referring to this thread can anyone explain this step by step or post a blend file how to achieve this effect. Where is the add texture ? Please help:(

Just wait until after project Apricot,

You will have real HDR from blender , with the appropriate shadows and blending…
I think they already can access a true bloom.

Here is a quick startup, so you can get to know it…
After Apricot, CS is going to have some real nuts.

I think my favorite thing about CS is that we can set up most common shaders in blenders material system.

They allow the artists to deal with the art side, without having to bother the programmers.

Thank for replying. But it seem that this function will be not ready until 8 month. How to get this effect even if it is fake inside blender get like those screenshot . A blend or a tutorial please.:(:frowning:

I am also in the line to know about HDR. It sounds that you goto some real environment, copy it. Now open that environment in your computer and put your character in that environment.
Is it so?