Need help on animation

I dunno that this is right section to ask but i will try :o

Well i need to make animation of drivers hand moving and showing ‘’ \m/ ‘’ but i dont know how to make it easier :confused:

maybe you can share some tutorials in animation what will be best for this situation :smiley:

Thanks for help :rolleyes:


looks like u got the basic poses in there …
im not understanding the issue you are having??
can u be a little more specific as to whats the problem is?

These are just 3 renders of hand moving what i want to make in animation :eyebrowlift: i need smooth and clean hand moving coz it will be used in one movie :yes: i tried to make lots of renders but hand is not moving smooth :no: i want to know how to put some bones in hand and make it move properly :eyebrowlift2:

This might be what youre looking for
hope this helps