need help on dealing with an SL BVH file [Bad Wolf Labs]

for some time i have been trying to deal with SecondLife and making “stuff”
part of this is creating Animations. In Blender you are supposed to be able to copy bones on one side and then Xflip paste to mirror the pose left to right (and vice versa) can anybody tell me why this does not work with an SL bvh??

and i have tried doing a rename to “fix” the left /right bone names

Of course if somebody wants to do a plugin for doing SL animations that would be nifty

its working fine on my side, the bones have a prefix, ex: lthigh and rthigh, for it to work both bones need to have the exact same name, plus a suffix, in my case i renamed thigh.l and thigh.r and then activate xmirror and works.

okay which exact version of blender do you have? also remind me how do i enable Xmirror??

2.64, in edit mode of your armature, you will have armature option in the toolbar to the left(press T to toggle the toolbar). the option is X-Axis Mirror