Need help on finishing game with python

Ok so i made a flight simulator game again, but I’m having problems.

since Ive been using blender for quite some time i might as well use the Python scripting to make this better. (plus i herd that it takes less space vs. the sensor controller actuator stuff.)

so here are some things i want to do.

  1. i need the python script on movement, this will use x,y and z location and rotation coordinates.

  2. heres one thing I’m having problems with, i have a boost and brake feature with this but i need to know 2 things

A. Before i get started i need to set the objects new default location rotation coordinates.
and B. i want to use python script to transition certain objects to three positions easily without using animations (and without using parent to child configurations), I’m using the ipo flipper control but when i switch and i change from boost to brake when i quickly switch keys the other animation has played already behind the scenes. also i have one more movement i want to do,for arrow key movement this one would require calculating 8 object positions for showing the turning of the plane since i may be using two keys to move.

  1. one of the things Ive been wanting to do for months is how to accelerate and decelerate to a certain speed
    like [when s is pressed go from 4 units to 0 units by 1 unit] something like that…

  2. one of the cool things i thought of is have that cloud like stuff coming from the tip of the wings. now this i know i will have to create and delete an object with the python scripting.

  3. now this is for level wise, i watched a tutorial on making waves in the middle of the ocean, using the displace method on a plane, but i need to know to put it in the game engine. (but without makeing the animation a 2d bitmap plane some of you may know this tutorial.

thanks for helping me out