Need Help on Game Engine

Hay everybody everybody,

I have 2 questions that could help me solve some of the problems for some of the blender games I’m making.

  1. How do you use animations for the game engine, I’m making a aerial fighting game and i need to know how I can tilt the ship and animate the flaps.

  2. How do you make those advanced car games with the wheel suspension. I’m also shooting off into space when I bounce off the road how do i fix the local x axis to say the same but i sill will be able to turn.

Send me a tutorial in your reply if you can.

on this website you ll find the car wrapper tutorial that is to create the car settup and a lot of other usefull toturials.
To make that animation you ll need to create the animation first ( obviously) then create an sensor then an controler than an actuator of the IPO type and put there the frame that the animation starts and end!

ok. now i have two questions about the animations.

  1. will the animation repeat itself if it is still held down and thats it, or is there a way to stay on the last frame of the animation sequence.

  2. if i release the key will the game engene calculate and create an animateion like when a plane stops turning (no tilting and flaps are in nuteral position.) or do i have to make an animation for those too?