Need help on glowing outlines/edges

This is becoming annoying. I’m working on an entry for the weekend contest that is suspost to look a bit like this picture (scroll down a bit), but the toon shader isn’t working very well. What’s your recommendation?


toon sharder will shade only outside edges ?

is it what you want?
if not draw something to show what you really want

would be easier to help

happy blendering

Is the first picture what you mean? Because I can’t seem to see a connection between the other pictures… If you want that kind of glowy edges or lines, it’s easy to if you change the material to wire and add some glow either by using the sequencer or the nodes.
Here’s a small test blend that I made. I hope that it’s the right effect…


glowtest.blend (155 KB)

Thanks for the blend file. The composting looks to be the most helpful, although I’m not sure about turning on the wireframe setting in the render pipeline as I’m aiming for a more Tron-like look.

After looking at the pre-compositing output, I’m not at all sure that the wireframe render is what I’m looking for. Sill, the blend file has been a big help, so thanks.


Well, I only did it on what that picture looked like for me. If you’d like to post a picture that’s more like the thing you would like to get, then I or someone else could be more helpful.