need help on how to set up a menu

ok well thats what i kinda what i need help with. What i want to do is make a level for my game and when you go to a door and stand there for like 2 secs a menu will pop up if you want to enter the room. The reason im doing this is to help keep the game running more smoothly and is easyer to do.

It’s probably easier to use an overlay for that. You can have a plane that the guy walks on. If you want a 2 second delay you’ll need a timer. You need to send messages to an object in another scene. Use a mouse over in combination with a left click for the buttons and send a message back to the plane to open the next scene.
Up to you how you do it, but I’d use a space bar when you got up to the door and open the next scene.

i dont really get it… can u like supply a .blend with the logic bricks setted up? please

I have my own game to write. There is a reference here: