need help on making game

So ive been trying to make a pirst person exsporation game and I have the proof of consept almost done. I need to know 3 things.

  1. How can I limit the up and down angle of a camera.

  2. How do I turn the game into an exe.

And 3. How can I properly collide objects. Because you can force the object past a colision point.

Thanks for the help

  1. I’m guessing you’re using a mouselook script, and to limit the angle, you can either find one that does it for you, code it in yourself. It isn’t that hard, just a check of the angle before rotating.

  2. To do this you enable the ‘save game as runtime’ addon in the user preferences, and then go ‘File -> Export -> Save game as runtime’

  3. Use servo motion rather than simple motion. It’s a bit more complex to set up, but solves this problem. There is a tutorial on this at

Atually im using the arrow keys to make the camera look up and down since i havnt learned python yet.(but i plan to)Although is it possible you can you show me what the mouse script is?