Need help on modeling "Wally"

Hey guys… I’m back and I’m clueless :slight_smile: While my non-organic modeling skills are reaching very good, my modeling, rigging, and adding life to a character are pretty… nonexistent. So… Can you guys help me?

The project
I need to make this dude for a school project:

However I have no idea where to start! Should I make a plane and outline the points on his body? Or try to make a curve outline… and then what? I don’t have to worry too much about detail, just getting him to look moderately like the one above is fine…

The animation
What would be the best way to rig this fellow? He needs to be rather flexible, but the armature doesn’t have to be Pixar quality and his face needs to be able to display low emotion as well as his mouth opening.

I know there is the animation workshop but I don’t think they apply to this toony guy. If you have ANY ideas as to how to model this guy, I will be grateful! Where do I start?

I’ll be posting a WIP soon, but my problem is just getting going enough to post a WIP :slight_smile:

Thanks a bunch.


Try some of the techniques shown in the BSoD character animation tutorial. Don’t start with a complete flat outline curve and then try to make it 3D, start by taking a cube and extruding, scaling, rotating, and grabbing as neccessary. I don’t know how to do clothes yet, so I can’t help you there.

OK I will begin to try that BSoD… It’s exactly what I’m looking for though a little more blobby and undefined than what I’d be looking for. Thanks for your tips. Does anyone else have any suggestions?


nothing realy, i think the BSoD is a good place to start.


this guy remembered me of a tut in french (perhaps of the rounded glasses?); maybe this helps you to model the face of your hero?

Um… it’s in french. Care to translate? But yes the glasses are very much the same.


Nice. Looks like an interesting approach. I’ll give it a try.

Jace, i’m just in the middle of that BSoD tutorial and i think it’s great. Although the character is not anything that i want to create it’s giving me a lot of ideas and experience which i can apply to creating my own characters.

Ooh thanks. That’s encouraging. Appreciate the help!!