need help!! on programming python to recieve data from board and move arm on blender

hello! i have placed a basic atom pro 28 on a botboard II and i am trying to connect it to blender so as to be able to animate the movement of sth like an arm with three fingers.i want to move the three servos i have connected to the bord and also animate the movement on blender.the 1st potentiometer must be able to move the two servos (both fingers, servo1+servo2) anywhere from 0 - 180 degree angle, the second potentiometer must be able to open and close same both fingers anywhere between an angle from 0 to 25 degrees angle…but not change the angle between them when i move 1st potentiometer again. the 3rd potentiometer must move the third finger from 0 - 180 degrees).the board is programmed through basic micro studio and i know little about programming.any help is appreciated.i am reading a lot but i don’t understand much.i don’t want to give it up.plz help me.
here my code on the basic atom pro:
"pot1 var word
pot 2 var word
pot 3 var word
pulsewidth1 var sword
pulsewidth2 var sword
pulsewidth3 var sword
pulsewidthmin con 1000; (don’t know if it is correct. i want it to be on 0 degree angle)
pulsewidthmax con 2000; (i want it to be 180 degree angle)

low 4; servo 1 connected
low 6; servo 2 connected
low 8; servo 3 connected

gosub makepulses
adin 0, pot1
adin 1, pot2
adin 2, pot3

serout S_out, i9600, [dec3 pot1\3," "]
pulsewidth1= (((pot1+pot2)*4+1000) min pulsewidthmin) max pulsewidthmax
pulsewidth2= (((pot1-pot2)4+1000) min pulsewidthmin) max pulsewidthmax
pulsewidth3= ((pot3
2+1000) min pulsewidthmin) max pulsewidthmax

gosub makepulses
goto start

pulsout 4, pulsewidth1
pulsout 6, pulsewidth2
pulsout 8, pulsewidth3
the thing is that i do not know how to programm python to recieve and send data.

Do a search for Arduino Blender. There is a Blender Blend file all about that!

Do a search for “controlling object in Blender python”

You will get many hits and then check each one for the best information.

Introducing Micro-Controller Interface in Blender