need help on short animation

i tried to insert LocRot on an object and then play animation, but the object
is only moving, but not spinning at the same time… can anyone show me how to do this…thanks

Depends on how you did it. You might have more luck if you set 3 Keys, 1 at 0, 2 at 180, 3 at 360.


i just dont have any clue doing this , can you just show me what i have to do…thanks

Sounds like you may have set both of your rot keys in the same position,…did you set one, rotate it 360 degrees, and set another? If so, you need to put one or more in between, otherwise Blender has no way of knowing you want the object to rotate, since it does not track your actions in the 3D window,…it only knows what you tell it,…so, if you set a key for rot in X position, rotate it 360 degrees, and set another keyframe,…you have just told it to stay at the same rotation for those frames.

i did it just like on the Loc, i insert LocRot , set frame and insert LocRot again… :expressionless: hum that why i didnt get to work…

um sorry im not really understand your explaination, my english understand is not really good…can you just give me an example
like : add a cube and then tell me what i have to do next… it will help me better… thankss…

To save myself typing it all out again: