Need help on software development


I need help to develop a openGl based software. It’s name is 3D Mate. Maybe some of you have seen a similar post for searching a icon designer. So if you wander if it’s the same software, yes you’r right!

However what want to make is a team, it’s a volunteer work so i don’t pay for it. Since this is software is made fo the 3D community, especially for the Blender community who helped me a lot during my blender journeyXD.

I need some one who especially know about(in order of priority):

  • OpenGL/glsl programming and c++
  • COM object programming
  • Qt
  • Mac, Linux, all the OS supported by Qt and openGL

The program it self is almost complete it need some work for the v2 of software(animation, material, and cool rendering system for real time visualization) these are some screenshots of the program:


the first photo is one of the feature under development: a real time preview handler for windows 7, other still in work is a thumbnail provider and file property provider. This programm will support a wide range of formats thanks to Assimp an open source import library.

to check out the source go here

as you can see it’s in a early stage, i would like to improve and i need help!

Thanks in advance!!

I’ve uploaded the compiled binary so now every one can use it without build it!! I would like to have feedback on how to improve it.
I want to let you know that this is an prealpha release still under development, so it’s unstable. Until now it worked without problem on my system. The main problems that can comes out are related to the file registration, since it write on windows registry it can cause problem, if you are not sure you can deselect the file association when installing, without compromising the software functionality.

Hope you like it!!

Just curious, what will this software be able to do, or do differently than blender (or any other 3d software out there)?

Well, blender is able to manipulate vertex data, images and can do more advanced rendering. 3D mate it’ only a viewer, it’ quick to open and display various file format, to make an example: gimp edit images, windows photo viewer display it, on explorer. It’s the same thing i’ts notting special it’s just a tool to help to quickly open files of various 3D packages. The main features that i 'm going to make is a complete integration with explorer, like the preview pane in the screen shot. As far i know there is no library to help you preview a 3D file format, generate thumbs(only blender do this for it’s file), and see property on the fly like polygons ect… This is the purpose of this tool.

I’ve finally managed to implement thumbnails and previewer! If some one want to try it out, just follow the link in the previous post. For any idea or improvement, or also to help me in develop. PM me here or via sourceforge.

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