Need help on this character :)

Hello, this is the one more less succesful attempt to make a human figure for a game or animations after many days and even months of error and trial.
Now i only need to make the ears and the eyes and then texturing comes in.

My concern is more about modelling so by posting here my work i hope that somebody more experienced can give me some tips and tell me what to improve or even do some touches on the model from which i could learn leaving the initial model for comparisson.

Thank you, i am looking forward to improve my ability so i can better turn my ideas into acceptable 3d models :slight_smile:

I made some further little changes before taking the screenshots.


Man.blend (322 KB)

I found some proportions that I thought was a bit off.
And the head looks like it is tilted backwards but the face looks like its not tilted.
I posted a image that will should explain a bit better, I hope.

A good tip on modeling fingers are to model them in the relaxed pose and not plain straight because it will make it easier later on.
People very seldom have their fingers all straighten out.

God luck.


Thanks alot :slight_smile: As soon as I improve it I will post something.

I am also working on normal maps so i can use less polys and get a better result.