Need help on what to do now!

Hi, im new here, and i need some help :stuck_out_tongue:

Everytime i make a character, it ends up with this “artificial” feel on it:no:, so what so what do u guys suggest me to do now :?

All I can say is much higher resolution textures with much much more detail will add a ton more realism. Besides that it looks pretty good though, maybe the facial proportions are a little off.

Well, the textures are in 2048x2048, maybe a need to handpaint some things then

here it is, i i enhanced the clohts textures a bit and fized some shading (mainly on the face), but still a realy bad resullt.
This is the texture for the clothes

This was as Far a i got in details :frowning:
But still an awfull result

if someone knows any tutos on the net, let me know

Your actual resolution is fine but you you UV map is lacking detail, things like fine wrinkles and small grain will help add to the realism. I re-did you texter map real quick just to illustrate my point:

Try applying the texture I created and re-rendering I’m curious to see what difference it will make.

Many thanks! :wink: :wink:

The left one is yours, and the right one is mine.
good result, and in fact, your texture is in 1024x1024, and mine is in 1024x1024, but yet you got a better result than me!

Its all about the detail! Now try taking this texture and adding a new slot and setting it to only effect normal value, in other words use it as a bump map.

Hmm, i have been wondering about this for a while…
Is it not the same if you click the nor button on the color image and not use the b/w one versus having two of them…

Hopefully that makes sense…

I adjusted the contrast value so that their are true whites and true black allowing for more depth in the normal map, I also added a little sharpness. So no you don’t have to make a separate texture but it allows for more independent control.

The Right one is mine, and other one is yours, the diference in the tissuae is noticeable, very good :slight_smile: