Need help planting trees

Hello All,

Does anybody know any good techniques for planting trees and plants randomly over a terrain grid?

I know how to select random verticies so now all I need is to tell blender to duplicate an object at each selected vertex.

Any suggestions?

  • Cruxic


select the verts you want your trees at
then duplicate them - and seperate the mesh (so its a new object)

then parent the tree to the mesh and use dupliverts
(a copy of your tree will appear at each vert

Perfect. Thanks, waylow!

Just FYI to future readers: I took it a step further because I wanted to duplicate a group at each vertex rather than an object. To do this I created a separate blender scene containing my tree (generated with Gen3) and I put all the objects making up the tree into a group. Then in my real scene file I Appened in the tree group, added a new instance of it and duplicated the “empty” object according to waylow’s instructions. (Perhaps there’s an easier way but that seemed to work).