need help playing movie and texturing for game engine

ok so i have two problems that are killing me right now.

I love blender but it is very confusing

first problem is my movies wont play in the game engine no matter what i do! i wanted to use an avi file i created with avidemux to play waves on my water in my game. i read somewhere that an animated gif wont work. i have tried going through a tutorial and using the script but this did not work. i also tried adding the movie in the uv editor and checking animated, the ending frame goes back to zero after i change it to 1 and nothing plays in the game

also the bigger problem is that i have textures made for my scene for the ground and every time i start the game engine it shows the texture tiled!

i will attatch an image to show what i mean. in a render and while editing my image is in the right place. once i press p the image is tiled!

please help thanks

sorry, you’re using 2.57 I guess?! Me, not!
Video texture works well in 2.49!
Try to save your water effect in a row of images ( png?), then place them in a single image ( from bottom to top ) and use that image as “animated texture”!
Render and Game Engine are not exactly the same thing ( check your “size” settings in the “Map” tab, maybe?

thank you for the reply. I have fixed the tiled textures problem and in doing so learned much more about blender so it was worth it to go through almost every single panel and check/uncheck every single button lol

I will try out the water shader . i would also love to get the water reflection working too . thank you again