need help please

ok i have just started to tinker with the game engine and i kinda made a simle game… i guess. but i would really like to know why when i go to play it it looks crappy. i want to know how to make it look like it does if i were to render it. :frowning:

No one is going to be able to help you if you are not more specific, and a .blend file would be helpful.

Well, I don’t think the GE is capable of making it exactly like the renderer. They’re two different animals. But you can use things like normal maps, vertex shading, and lightmaps to make it look pretty good.

EDIT: A good example of a nice looking (but unfinished) game is Me and my Airship. That should give you an idea what the GE is capable of.

If you want easy shadows try Crystalspace. With CS you can do parallax shaders without programming too :smiley:

ok i might just be thick here but what exactly does blender2crystal do?

ok first one is a pic of the 3d view, second one is how it actually looks ingame, and third one is how i would like it to look. also i dont know how to make textures or normal mapping or anything fancy like reflections and clear objects. oh and shadows< sorry i suck at typing and im obviously a newb but yeah srry<


As far as my knowledge goes, it is not possible to make the game engine display anywhere near to render-quality. To get higher quality textures in the game engine I use render baking. It’s not perfect, and does require unwrapping the object, but it can look a lot better than just solid colors, especially on stationary objects such as the landscape. For when I need to use it on a character, I create a lighting set to equally illuminate the entire character, and allow the game engine to work out all of the lighting.