need help pls

Hi I need help really bad I have been trying all day to get the rigging right and I just cant do it it will not skin right and will not move right ether if someone could help me and take a look at it that would be nice i have to have it done today it is work school. thank you.


BEAR.blend (2.56 MB)

Where do I start, Oh yes - Welcome to BA!

Now to your file. The mesh is not parented to the bone/armature so there is no way the bone is going to move the mesh. The mesh has many redundant keyframes - you have keyframed rotation and scale, yet it does not move here, you have also keyframed all three axes, yet it only moves in one.

Can I suggest you look at a basic rigging tutorial - like this one and get your head around the concepts. Then we can work out what you want to do and get you along the road. The first part of this tutorial is here - I suggest that you do both, I know this is old, but it gives you the basics. You might also look for Nathan Vegdahl’s “Humane Rigging” tutorials and start with the basics there.

Cheers, Clock.


You should also tell us what you want the model to do, then we can tell you how to achieve this.