Need Help: Proportional Edit Tool

(Bandar) #1

Can someone help me? The circle for the Proportional Edit Tool disappeared. I already tried to hold the page+/- keys for a while and also srcolled my mouseweel until my finger hurt, nothing helped. Is there a way to reset the button?

(Ammusionist) #2

The darned proportional tool can get pretty damn small can’t it!

Make a cube and select a single vertex. (g)rab it and move. Does the whole thing move or just the selected vertex?

If just the selected vertex, hold down the pg-Up key until the circle re-appears (Yes - it may take a while!)

If the whole thing moves, hold pg-Down until the circle is small enough to see!

Good luck!

(Bandar) #3

That’s what I already did. After 5 Minutes I gave up.

(Ammusionist) #4

Was it too large or too small ?

(Ammusionist) #5

Quick Fix:

Open a fresh Blend file, append everything in, save it over the top of the old one.

(Ahh - Make a copy first just in case!)

(Bandar) #6

Of course that would be a solution, but appending 50+ Objects with Armature etc. is no fun either.

Its too small.

(Fligh) #7

This happened to me too in one of the 2.4 builds and no ammount of PageUp or Numpad-+ or scrollwheeling gets it back. Append the “Scene” into a new .blend and it’s fixed.