need help quick selection problem

high if anyone knows why this is happening a fast solution would be great because its for a final project im working on which is due tommorow and i cant figure this out okay so im pretty much done i just have to edit one of my object but whenever i select the object and hit tab to enter edit mode it goes to edit a differnt object. so i tried to delete the second object and hit tab but it wont let me select any verts or anything why thanks for the help

You have them both selected and the other object is the Active one (last selected). Hit A in Object mode till All objects are unselected (black wires) then select the object with RightMouseButton.


i really dont think thats the problem because even if i delete all other objects except for the one i want to edit it still wont let me edit it

send me the file ([email protected]) or upload it.


i sent you the file thanks so much for the help

wtf i think it has something to do with my materials setting or something because i finished making an object add my material and i can no longer edit it i dont under stand but its getting frustrating

okay its defenatly the material because whenever i add that material to any object i can no longer edit it for some reason is there a way to edit an objects material without going into edit mode. or to copy the object without the material to a new file or something this is so annoying

OKAY MAYBE NOT SOMETHING IS MESSED UP it happens to everything

alright i think the problem is solve… i just switched to my home computer from the lab on and it works wtf :o

Very nice model. I have absolutely no problem selecting any of the 9 objects. I think you may be having OpenGL or Video card probs. I don’t know enough to help but others will.

In the meantime open the Outliner (if the OOPs window is showing goto View in that window and click ‘Show Outliner’) and select them from there by Leftclicking the name of the object. Numpad Plus to expand the tree.