Need help! Radeon GPU rendering very slow

My graphics are radeon RX 6600XT,everytime i switch to gpu render,F12 render become SUPER slow,same frame i use my cpu 5800x rendering time are maybe around 6min,and 6600xt are 30min even for several hours!!

but the Viewport render didnt have this problem,only happen when i use F12 to render.
did i got some setting wrong?

Later i will update some screenshot.

Perhaps you tile settings are more in favor of the CPU. Radeon GPUs like large tiles, say 128x128. CPU usually performs best at around 32x32. Check what are your settings under “Performance” tab. If this does not help, may be an issue with the Blender version or your GPU drivers. Try a newer and older Blender builds and check for driver updates?