Need help recreating a digital look of geological formation using node editor

I’m trying to recreate the geological strings on the upper left example by using the node editor, the goal is to build a template of displacement maps of real locations and allow the lines to highlight the details.

i’m looking for more versatile control over the strings in numbers and flow formations and motion.

any help will be great thanks.:eek:

You can use some repeating function, like Sin, Cos, modulus etc, to create the lines at even intervals. It is easier to control and more automated than using a manually constructed ramp. Pipe the elevation input to math node to get the sine/cosine wave and clamp it so that you get the kind of narrow bands you want. By multiplying the elevation with a scalar before the wave, you can control the interval width.

Overall look needs some glows and smaller details (points, text graphics and whatnot) to get the level of detail the reference has.

Kesonmis, really thank you for your help this will help me allot, i made some progress in my work where it looks closer to the picture minus the transparency. but i think i’ll go with your solution. what node i need to start with first to draw a line?

What do you mean to draw a line? You aren’t drawing any lines now, won’t draw any lines with my suggested solution. You take the noise texture you have, that imitates elevation data, and modify it so that you get a pattern of stripes. You don’t “draw” any lines anywhere.

i think i’v explained it wrong, what i have in mind is to explore the option to animate some sort of a mask to reveal the strings in motion.