Need Help Removing a Green Screen wich contain a green object

did someone had formula for replaceing green screen on the videos, I’ve been spent lot time to render this scene but I just forget that videos is contain A green object and know I don’t know how to solve , i just don’t want render it again because this videos take too long time for rendering and almost melting my pc, I have been try with keying but it also replace the green colors of another object and another color keying is work but it left sharp the green edge

my another planing is give it mask around the green area and then keying the mask. but i dont know how to input the mask and filled it with video then keying it did any one had the node for this? thank’s

One way to approach this is something like this:

  1. create a good matte for the green part, using for example the keying node;
  2. despill your greenscreen element. Easiest to do in the same keying node;
  3. copy the original element over the areas where you don’t want the despill to kick in. For this, use the alpha from keyer and modify it a bit (erode inwards and blur). Use this mask to merge original element over the keyed one.

try this it explains all about using the keying node

thank you very much Sir it solved now :)!