Need help rigging steering wheel

So I’ve looked at quite a few videos and forum post all saying the same method which doesn’t work. They suggest a copy rotation restraint but when applied doesn’t rotate appropriately.

The spaces are almost certainly not correct. You don’t want to be copying to world space rotation on your steering wheel.

It’s also very dangerous to be using a copy rotation to copy Z rotation, on default order. Default order is probably XYZ (or maybe its presented backwards for the copy rotation constraint, there used to be something weird with it), where the value you get for Z depends on X+Y.

There could be other problems too. It’s hard to say without seeing a file where everything is set up (preferably, with an animation demonstrating the problem.) There is more than one way this could done, and it depends on how you want to animate it (follow path? manually rotating the wheels? etc.)

I was trying to have steering move the same direction as tires when they turn. Also switching to local space doesn’t fix issue. Would you like to see file?

Yeah, if you want help, that’s the smartest thing.

So let’s enable the display of axes on the steering wheel, in properties/object/viewport display:

That Z axis is what’s being rotated. It’s not aligned with the steering wheel. In sidebar/tool/options, let’s enable affect only origins, then rotate it (I’ll just eyeball it) to get the axis aligned with the steering wheel:

Don’t forget to turn off affect only origins when you’re done.

Now let’s go back to that constraint, and we’ll tell it to convert from target world rotation, to owner local space:

If you try it out after that, it should be more to your liking.


Thank alot exactly what I was looking for such a simple fix.