Need Help sculpt tools not working

So whenever I want to sculpt something the sculpt tool doesn’t work, it only works on the goofy ah sphere we get on the start when we click new file, I don’t want to start with the sphere but with a cube, when I make the cube and try to sculpt on it nothing changes even if I hold it. Help please.

Also I am new so I don’t know what stuff really mean.


A cube only has 4 verts as standard in Blender, either turn on dynatopo in sculpting or subdivide the cube a few times.

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The cube needs more geometry. That is the reason the sphere works, cause it has more geometry.
Do some subdevisions (press “w” and then “s” in edit mode) on the cube or use an subdiv modifier and apply it.

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thanks man it works now

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a third way is to use remesh in sculpt mode. ctrl R

thanks i found out