Need help selecting an object in the outliner.

This model is an import from 3DS Max, when I select; for example hood, the corresponding selection is not made in the outliner. In the picture below I have selected an object by the outliner, as you can see there is no visible selection in the 3D window (should be an orange selected corresponding object). The model seems to have some sort of dot system (pointed to in the picture with a question mark) this dot system seems to represents the model and its parts. There are many dots in the same location, when i select a dot it has a doted line that seems to connect to the corresponding object as you can see in the picture. I choose “Origin to center of Mass” and that does move the dot to the center of the object. but when I choose "CTRL+A , Rotation and Scale Rest, it doesnt seem to do anything. When i select an actual part on the car it does not show the selection anywhere in the outliner. I’ve never seen this before.

How do I make this model act normally. Do I have to turn on or turn off some feature?

thanks in advance.


The dot is the object origin, the actual location of the selected object. It just so happens that the object location does not lie inside the objects mesh.

You can change the location of the origin using the options in the toolshelf

For more specific help posts a link to a blend file

Ok thankyou.

Here is the blender file

This was made using Sketchup.
No comments on usefulness as a blending asset ;). Origin is still offset, but it no longer contains huge objects causing ‘weird’ behavior.

You fixed it! Many thanks, Can you please show me how you did it? I have many models like this that I cant use because of the way it is.

Go over in Outliner and delete things which do not select anything visible in mesh. You don’t need Cubes, Sky, Lamps. In Outliner drag out what’s under dummy object - you will get ton of not needed stuff again - delete that. Box select if the list is long. Ctrl - select things in Outliner and Delete in 3d view. Ctrl-z - undo.
Scale and apply scale to meshes which are left.
That’s about it. Have fun ;).