Need help smoothing out my shading for a cel shader!

Hello! So i’ve been working on a cel shader for a few weeks now. I’ve solved so many problems, but there’s one I’m just completely stumped on. i’ve built the shading into the topology itself, I’ve adjusted the normals so that the shadows fall in generally the same way as they do in the model sheet, but the shadow edge is just a lot more jagged than i want it to be. Anyone got a way to help me out? Pics are found in the imgur album linked below

The closest example to what I want it to be would be found in the last screenshot of the following Imgur Album.


I think you just need to tweak the Vertex Normals, if you’re fine with the current Color Ramp settings.

The art style is different, but I think studying the Vertex Normals and Data Transfer modifier in Rukikuri’s freely available models will help give you an idea of how to go about it.

Also, maybe play around with the BlenderNPR Abnormal add-on, which got a recent update.