Need help starting model

For my first ‘non tutorial’ project I want to model this key fob. I need a little help getting started. Should I start the model with the default cube then scale and loop cut each of the ribs? Should I use box modeling? How would you approach this model? Any help would be appreciated.



Most models are out of cubes to be honest, or at least mine are. I made a whole room out of cubes and subsurf modifier. Oh and I had 1 plane or two. Anyway, start with the main part of it, do the ridges, the ring hole or wtv you want to call it, and after you’ve done most of the details add the subsurf modifier and tweak it and then add the buttons and texture at the end. thats what I’d do.

I think i would start from the buttons. Because they determine the “edgeloops” of rest of the object prettymuch. Though if you make the buttons whole differend mesh its another tale.

And yeah. Cube is good place to start. I usually start with cube. Even though i usually delete few faces out of it right away.

Thanks for the suggestions guys. I started a WIP thread for this project, here it is: